Ask a Professional Landscaping Consultant About Your Garden

We offer native plant consulting services in the surrounding Capital Region

Looking for ideas, input or answers to your gardening questions? You can talk to a local gardener with years of ecological design experience. For the homeowner who needs advice, but maybe not a plan or regular gardening services, we offer on-site consultations. Our landscaping consultant will meet with you at your property to discuss everything from proper gardening techniques, ecological landscaping, plant suggestions, to invasive species removal.

You can book a consultation to:

  • Ask for feedback about your space
  • Learn how to best implement your hopes for the land
  • Learn about medicinal trees and medicinal herbs
  • Learn ecological gardening techniques
  • Get a free estimate on further services

A typical consultation appointment lasts between 30 minutes to 1 hour and can cover a variety of topics. To schedule your consultation, email us at or call us at 518-627-6289.

In addition to our verbal on-site consultations, we offer additional written consultation reports. Our reports provide you with a written overview of your site's conditions, as well as our observations and recommendations for future maintenance.

Learn about the options for your property

When you discuss your landscape or garden design with our landscaping consultant, we'll provide all the information you need to bring out the best in your outdoor space and create an ecologically healthy landscape. Reach out to us today for ecological landscaping consulting services.